My Prime Orange County California Real Estate in a great sellers market was not selling! 

Our home was in a prime location on a prime lot and was not selling! Very frustrating!  Even lowering the price to attract buyers didn't work and our listing expired. Before re-listing the property again, we heard about home clearings and blessings from a co worker . We consulted with Hugh and Christina and had our property cleared and blessed. A few details in our consultation made a lot of sense. We re-listed the house and had a cash offer in less than 2 weeks and closed escrow in May! 
Thanks Hugh and Christina!

Yorba Linda CA.


Dear Christina , I wanted to thank you for helping my brother Richard ascend to the next plane. As I told you, that during the clearing ritual, I felt something leave my body that didn´t belong there. I hope people realize what you have to offer.

Namaste ~ Gregory Lacey


Christina is a truly gifted intuitive with incredible ability. She knew things about me that were astounding and while this is not in and of itself healing, it does means she is the real deal. I found the sessions we did together to be very different than anything I had done before and very clearing and healing of old negative beliefs and emotions. If you are even intrigued by what Christina does, I can not encourage you enough to have a conversation with her. When I initially called her, I wasn´t sure if she would be the right person for me to work with. By the end of the call, I asked her how soon she could do a session. While I don´t pretend to understand what she does or how it works, I can tell you that I absolutely experienced the positive results! In addition, she is incredibly loving and generous and authentically devoted to what she does. ~ Julie Padawer 


"Christina is a genesis in her own right.  Each moment with this radiant being is as if there is something wondrous, majestic and so very new birthing within me and saturating the air. While there is so much more I could say about Christina´s beauty and sacred contribution, her eyes, her voice and her presence embrace in an alchemy that makes me feel that I am being born in the fluid waters of a cosmic sea of love, acceptance and grace. I am so incredibly thankful for being one of the recipients of her refined and impeccable gifts and cherish these alchemical healing experiences with Christina - as they have lent me passage through a window of childlike and effortless liberation.¨ ~ With all my love, Aurelia


¨Christina is a gentle beautiful soul with beautiful energy and direction. I have known her for over 10 years and her energy will assist one in healing, balance and attuning your soul to its rightful place of peace and well-being.¨



"Christina worked on me with her Axiatonal Alignment ability, to open me to paint and channel more freely. Christina also ¨read¨ my finished paintings to activate them and deciphered the meanings coming through. Eight years later I am amazed at the wonderful contracts that have come my way and how clients trust me to interpret their dreams. I can work confidently and entrust that each one will be exactly what is needed. I often work in the schools painting for children. This is my sole income and supports me well. I am very grateful for her work!." ~ Maureen

"I have had the pleasure to experience a variety of Christina's healing approaches. Her dedication to impeccability as a metaphysical healer and intuitive is a clear hallmark of her work. I find her kind and humble approach to be very welcoming and supportive. She is very skilled and fluid with her abilities to align with Infinite Intent in an authentic way. I am grateful to have the opportunity to learn from her." ~Tallulah"


"Christina is a powerhouse of energy yet so down to earth in nature. Our sessions were empowering!¨

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