Wide range of products to enhance your over all well-being

and your environment. New products will be added as they become available.





          FRAGRANCE ALCHEMY  -- These fragrances are exquisite! Not only do they smell divine, they are uniquely created for us with the added alchemy of healing properties. Pure flower essences with no chemicals or carrier oils. (with the exception of the baby oil, contains jobaba oil) Please click below to take you to the website for all fragrances and prices. As a reseller we can offer you free shipping and a sweet discount over a certain amount.  You will love their magic!  Contact Christina @ elm.christina@gmail. com with your order. Payments can be made via Paypal to

         DIGITAL WEAVE ART                                                                   COST: $77 - Includes a 20 minute online consultation. Plus an personal intuitive reading. Please send payment to

        FLAME NAME ART  --  Receive a personal digital flame name art piece. You will receive a high resolution downloadable jpeg which can be used to create any type of printing. Put it on a canvas to hang in your space or make photo prints.                               COST: $55                                                                                 Please send payment via Paypal to

                ORDER YOUR WEAVE OR FLAME WRITTEN WORD                                This is created for you personally and infused with sound and light language frequencies to enhance the written word and art. You will receive a jpeg file. 300 dpi.   COST: $12       Please send payment via Paypal to

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