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REALTORS - Property Listings


Ask for our Optional Fees Plan



*Occupied Properties or Businesses

 Option #1

$199 Base Fee

Includes Initial Assessment & Written Report


30 Day Tune In - $25

30 Day Tune up - $25



Option # 2 - Full Package - $350

Includes Assessment

Pre & Post Assessment Written Reports

30 Day *Tune In & Tune Up

*TITU Every 60 Days for 6 months







*All Occupied Property Clearings & Blessings must be paid prior to work.

** Realtors will have two payment package options.

Please contact Hugh for details. 949-351-1667


If you send any full paying referrals our way you will receive your 30 day tune in and tune up for free for 3 months. $150 value.

Word of mouth referrals (meaning you have not had a clearing on a property)

you will receive 25% off any future clearings.


Please see the ¨Payment¨ page to book the above services.



Individual Sessions - *In person or Long Distance

Please visit www.casabelvaspata.info for more info on healing modalities.

We are available to travel if required or preferred ( at the cost of the client) or if possible connect you with a qualified Practitioner in your area. 

Asssessments, Clearings & Blessings are all done remotely unless we are able to be there in person.

 Please email us pictures of the property or reality listing.

Personal consulation also included.  15 mins.



All life will change when it knows its Source of Inspiration ~Christina~

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