Modalities & Techniques

Pristine Space is all around and within us.



Our main modality to clear spaces primarily from ghosts, entities, psychic impressions is Esklavanet. A protocol from the profound angel healing and life-altering modality Belvaspata. It was recently created specifically for this from the Infinite Source and brought forth by International Mystic, Seer & Author *Almine.


A little deeper understanding of why Esklavanet and assisting discarnate beings stuck here is important.


¨To elevate life in all realms is very much the sacred obligation of those in the most dense level – physical life. Those incarnated ones in the physical are the salvation for those in the soul realms. It is here where transmutation takes place and opposition gets turned into insight and power.


¨Those departed ones in the soul realms lack the power to affect all life. If those who refuse to move on linger here, it’s like dragging a log up the mountain for those who are assisting life to evolve with grace to the next evolutionary levels. Clearing the physical of that which does not belong here, is a favor to all life.¨ Almine




Other High Alchemy Tools

Some or all may be used depending on what each location requires after an assessment is made.


Sound Healing and Toning

Inter-dimensional Communication & Languages

(to activate the space)

Cosmic Light Clearing

White Sage Smudging



Sacred Geometry

Alchemical Music - Sound Elixirs


As Intuitives, Empaths, Seers, Clairvoyants, Clairsentients, Clairaudients and Metaphysical Practitioners

our abilities give us a wider perspective and communication with the unseen realms.


Our sensitivities and attuning to multiple energies and frequencies brings them more into awareness.


This enables us to discern where and how we can assist.

We honour all space and all people we meet and work with. Our commitment is from the purity of heart.

We commit to be authentic and impeccable in all we provide for our clients.







*In gratitude and love for all Almine brings forth for humanity we will donate a portion of our fees to her.






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