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   The 144 C.L.U.B - Membership


The 144 C.L.U.B - Consciously Living & Unveiling Brilliance! 

You are invited to participate in a private group gathering and membership

hosted by Christina Treviño - Intuitive/Empath, Metaphysical Practitioner

At various times there may be guest speakers or practitioners.


It is a yearly subscription to be paid upon joining, that offers each member a total of 12 various participations in either an online workshop, healing session, intuitive readings,

Q & A´s of a spiritual, metaphysical and esoteric nature. Each session will be approx. 90 mins - 2hr depending on the event presented. A group alchemy and collective conscious awakening is the hope for the 144 club. :)


Live private broadcasts will be held twice a month. It will be the same session repeated so that members can attend which date is convenient. Members can attend a maximum of 12 sessions per year. The 144 Club renewal is automatic via Paypal though can be cancelled prior to the new year subscription.


Any material presented or shared in the sessions are not to be shared or sold outside the group. 


Referrals to The 144 Club will reward members with 1 extra yearly session per new subscription.


Membership starts once the subscription fee of $144 is received and ends within 12 months. The initial membership is a special fee and offers 12 sessions at $12 per session. My regular fee is $60-$80 per hour. At times there will be material required to participate in healing sessions, this will be at the cost of each member. You will be informed what is required and a link where to purchase it.


A monthly newsletter for members will be sent out of details of the upcoming broadcast.


If the group session is 8 (including me) or less we will meet in my room at www.appear.in/mysticmusing. 8-11 in google hangouts. Groups larger than this, I will arrange a meeting broadcast platform.

When possible the session will be recorded and sent to members within 48 - 72 hrs


                                        Calendar of Events - first 3 months



December 2017 - Live Sessions will be held on the  3rd & 17th - 11 AM/PST - 2 PM/EST

Aravespi-Stra Unat - Belvaspata of Emotional Healing - This session will be approx. 3 hrs.

PDF required to participate.


January 2018 - Live Sessions will be held on the 7th & 21st - 11 AM/PST - 2 PM/EST

Emotional Clearing of the 8 Extraordinary Meridians - Fragrance Alchemy Oils required. 


February 2018 - Live Sessions will be held on the 4th & 18th - 11 AM/PST - 2 PM/EST

Emotional Clearing & Erasing Karma from the 12 Meridians - Fragrancy Alchemy Oils required.

If you do not have these oils you can order them from me at a discount and free shipping. Please let me know prior and in enough time to order and ship the fragrances to you. elm.christina@gmail.com

See more on these profound oils at www.fragrancealchemy.com





If you wish to be a guest speaker on a related metaphysical or esoteric topic or healing practice please contact me at elm.christina@gmail.com - membership compensation.





































I would like to invite anyone who would like to share and heal on a metaphysical level from any traumatic sexual, physical or emotional abuse experiences. 

Express & Elevate - Clearing Limitations & Unveiling Beauty. - Living from your authentic self. Being empowered and self-sovereign. Expressing your intrinsic creativity and spirituality.

A private and confidential gathering to promote sharing and healing from abuse of power experiences. In light of current events the truth is being unveiled by many in the public forum. Though there are many who have not come forward either from feeling afraid or uncomfortable to share these experiences where abuse of power has played a role of secrecy.

The #Metoo trend has triggered a pathway to provide the opportunity for public exposure. Yet I feel there are still just too many either being silenced or ashamed where power is still enforced to keep the truth hidden. I feel to provide a safe and private space to share experiences (because of my own experiences and circumstances) and to also with profound tools learn to heal and gain understanding from a higher perspective. Abuse of power is collectively created and can be collectively transcended. 

This is a yearly membership that will meet once a month on a Wednesday for approximately 2 hrs. It will be a group gathering online hosted by Christina Treviño. - Intuitive/Empath & Metaphysical Practitioner. 

Membership Fee - $144 yearly - 12 Sessions 




Blossom where you are planted.
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