A Goddess Creations Collaboration!

Goddess Rising Fragrance Alchemy created by Almine per the request of Christina.

Goddess Lena Buhler is offering her Wonda creation in a 125 ml reusable jar with the purchase of an 18 ml Goddess Rising. U.S. $72 - ship extra.

Wonda - ¨Organic, unrefined: Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter, Coconut Oil, Almond Oil, Essential Oils "This nourishing, healing Whipped Body Butter leaves skin supple and radiant. Using only the purest ingredients - a secret combination of Mother Earth's best butters and oils - melts into the skin like a dream leaving you feeling uplifted and divine." Purest vibes and ingredients - handmade in London~

Email elm.christina@gmail.com to place your order.


  You Can Now Purchase the New Special Requested Blend  by Almine.

     GODDESS RISING    18ml $72 - 3.5 ml $18      Currently Only Available Through Christina Email me your order at elm.christina@gmail.com  Or you can send your payment via Paypal to mysticalryders@gmail.com     

                                           I am a Reseller.  You can choose more oils from the website and send me an email to place the order.  First time Purchase With Me 10% OFF   

 Free ship in the U.S. on 18 ml only or purchases over $70.

$18 International (this is an estimate as it is based on your country and weight of the package)       Main Website: www.fragrancealchemy.com 


¨It smells wonderful! It feels wonderful! I can feel something merge within me when I first put it on. I feel strength also. I am so grateful you asked for this oil. What you addressed for it is something many of us are going through. The smell of the flower essences comes out even stronger when you wear it for awhile.¨

~ Tina - FA


¨Oh Christina, Goddess Rising  is wonderful! When I applied it I felt the confidence of spiritual maturity. With an undertone of playful adventure.  I love it.¨ Thank you, Sonja



Holy Sanctuary & Goddess Rising 

18 ml $144

Now till April 1st $129 plus Free Ship in the U.S. $18 International.

If you want to order other oils please see the main website first and then you can email me your order for your total. The special only applies to the above Duo Set. 


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