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You can learn more details on the modalities I will be facilitating at the healing workshop intensive below or at my other website.




Please book by September 4th/17 to reserve your spot. See the Paypal button above. If the group is small it will be at a private home. If there is a large interest then a studio location will rented. Therefore location to TBA.


There is a requirement of 12 participants to hold the workshop. My preference is to have a maximum particiption also of 20, so that we can maintain a small enough group for personal inner healing. To create a sacred and more intimate space as we are releasing and clearing deep emotions.


The alchemy fragrance oils are carrier and chemical free and are alchemized with high frequency healing properties. These are somewhat expensive and only small drops are required. So, normally these sessions would cost approx. $225-$300 due to the time involved and the cost of the fragrances. Therefore, this is an exceptional price for this workshop, as I am fully covering the cost of the oils used. I am also a reseller, so if anyone is interested in ordering any of the oils, I will offer a workshop discount of 20% off. Visit the website to check oils all the oils available.

www.fragrancealchemy.com If you have any questions, please email at elm.christina@gmail.com




Christina Treviño - Grand Master of Belvaspata & High Alchemy Runes, Intuitive, Sound Healer, Mystic Muse returning to London, England.

Clearing the Ghosts of the Past - Activating Your Godself

Plus An Introduction to BelVasPata Angel Healing & High Alchemy Runes.

Group Clearings, Healings & Blessings ~

Both days - $100 US (reg. $200)

Or 77 British Pounds

You can also join via my

Meetup Group.

Sat & Sun, September 23rd & 24th, 11 am - 4 pm.

Recent cosmic insights have brought to light the importance of clearing the ghosts from the past before activating and accessing your Godself. We must vibrate at a higher frequency to be able to merge and move through the incoming frequencies and changes. 

This workshop will be an intensive to work on both aspects. Clearing ghosts, entities, memories, distorted energies, any black magic in your body and fields. Then introducing and activating a higher frequency to bring your Godhood DNA online. 

This is where Belvaspata and the High Alchemy Runes will begin this process. Introduction and a group blessing of BelVasPata. Q & A´s. How to become a Initiate & Practitioner of BelVasPata. 

Introduction to the Art of Self-Guidance with The Runes and the importance of being a Runes Master on the planet at this time.

This is the general outline for the workshop. What may unfold on these two days will be what is occurring in the cosmos at that time and for each individual soul participating. In a group the alchemy and healing is amplified and heightened exponentially! 

See my website for what is BelVasPata? 

High Alchemy Runes Master Initiations. - Art of Self Guidance. Why this is an important time on the planet to be a Runes Master? 



There is no maximum participants. You must attend both days to receive this special price.

*Minimum is to be able to present the workshop as I will require travelling to London.


Workshop Outline


Day 1

11:00 am - 11:30 am - Introduction to the Tools

11:30 am - 12:00 pm - Esklavanet Session - Clearing ghosts, entities, psychic impressions & attachments

20 min break

12:20 pm - 3:30 pm  - Erasing Karma from the 12 Meridians with *Fragrance Alchemy

3:30 pm - 4 pm Sharing/Q&A´s


Day 2

11:oo am - 11:30 am - God Merkaba Meditation

11:30 am - 1 pm  -  Karmic & Genetic Memory Clearing of the Skull with Krihanash Belvaspata

30 min break

1:30 pm - 2 pm Tonal Sound Clearing & Activation

2 pm - 3 pm - Annointing with High Magic Oils

3 pm - 3:30 pm - Group Belvaspata Healing

3:30 pm  4 pm - Sharing/Q&A´s


*Fragrance Alchemy are pure Egyptian Oils with no additives and have been alchemized with healing properties by Almine, International Mystic, Seer and Teacher.


- Bring a notebook/pen.

- Light snacks & water/tea provided

- A disclaimer must be signed with registration.

All healing takes place within self. There is no medical advice given.

- *Private sessions or Initiations into Belvaspata of the High Alchemy Runes can be made prior via Paypal or in cash at the event.



*BelVasPata Practitioner Initiations to Level 1 & 2 - If there are interested participants this will be held the following day after this event. This would be a 4 hr workshop including Initiation. Some preparation work required. Max participants is 7. Cost is $225 GBP ($65 off reg. fee)Includes Certification, BelVasPata book and 6 months mentoring. Prep reading & integration required prior to workshop. 2 hrs minimum.

High Alchemy Runes Mastery Initiations. Both Levels - Master & Grand Master $285 GBP - Preparation required. Initiations will be done in a group two days after this event. 4 hr workshop. Certification included.

Maximum participants is 12. Book materials & Fragrance Oils extra. 10% discount if bought through me. Please email me for further details

There is prep work required. So this must be booked by the end of August. 

Location: Will be in a private home - Full details coming as soon as the minimum requirement is met. If interest is larger than 12 participants the location may be moved to a larger event space. 

Almine is the originator of BelVaspata and the High Alchemy Runes.

Learn more at her website: 

*Email me with any questions to elm.christina@gmail.com

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