Escorting Souls Home


If you have recently lost a family member or friend and feel they need or could use assistance

to cross over, I can assist with a special team of Angels. 


Consultation and Session 1 hr.

Long Distance or In Person (locally)



When the soul leaves the body after death, it has six days to move through the tunnel into the soul world. It often does not move through because of attachments to loved ones, places or things.


Traumatic experiences at death can also make a soul linger here in confusion. Angels are sent to escort each soul upon death, but if the soul lingers too long, it will be left on its own.

They actually become stuck on the earth as a ghost.


The special modality to assist those who may have difficulty to cross over is called Esklavanet.

It has an overall purpose to clear ghosts that have become trapped here on Earth.

Though it can also be facilitated within the 6 day period to ensure

your loved one/soul crosses over. 


This is an extremely benefical and I would say, a loving gift to give a soul, after a traumatic death. (illness, suicide or accident)

In this way not only you, but your loved one will know, they can now move forward on their everlasting journey. Our existence never dies, it only takes another form. 


Consultations and Sessions can be done via Google Hangout or Phone.

Or if requested, I can record a private video,

if we can not connect live. 


Complimenting the modality of Esklavanet, I will intuitively connect and in some cases facilitate messages or use other tools of assisting the soul. 


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