Belvaspata & Healing Protocols


These are all previously paid recorded sessions between 2014-2016. Due to some recent requests to repeat these healing sessions I felt that the recorded videos are just as current and profound. They are all private Youtube links. Check back as I will add more over time. 


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If you were a paid participant during the recorded sessions and do not still have the links and would like to do them once again, contact me and I will resend them. Please do not share these videos or re-upload them to Youtube. 


I would love any feedback or experiences you would like to share.

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Infinite love and gratitude to the Infinite Source & Almine for bringing forth all these profound and life-altering tools. A donation will also be given to Almine.

Thank you ~ Christina


¨All life will change when it knows its source of inspiration¨



Series 1


Esklavanet - for clearing you and your space and to send ghosts home.

Belvaspata - Level 1

Belvaspata of Resurrection

46 mins



Series 2


Ararvespi-Stra Unat Belvaspata to Clear the 144 Illusions that Cause Grief in the Body

15 videos

Original Version with updated wheels.

Approx. 7.5 hrs



Series 3

24 Aphrohisms to Heal the Brain

1 Video

49 mins



Series 4

Arasatma Breathing Technique - 5 Levels

7 Videos


You will require the book or PDF.



Series 5

The Sacred Movements of the Sabahut

Sa=Master or Holy One



4 Videos




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