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Our main service is clearing residential, business and rural property of all negative

energy, ghosts, and entities attached to the space and land.

All negative energy that no longer enhances is removed and the pristine nature

of the property shines through.


Clearing, blessing, uplifting, and energizing space has been the practice of

enlightened people for thousands of years. This service is now available for all

and gaining its proper perspective, as a necessary tool to live life, at the highest level.


Some of the common reasons for a house not selling is the price, location, style or possibly necessary renovations. Even the staging presence can create a misplacement of energy and look chaotic or unappealing.


The least obvious to most realtors, buyers & sellers is the clear pristine energetic flow, that is required to ultimately create a happy and sacred space. What energies are present or past events that may have occurred is not even in their awareness, which most likely is what is affecting the sale of the property. 


 Consciously or unconsciously everyone will feel or observe something about any location. No matter how beautiful the staging of a house, it can not mask what is really happening energetically. When you arrive to a place, this is when you and the space determine your energetic compatability. 


When a location is pristine and clear it will resonate with a potential occupant or buyer. The is an intuitive sense of the connection to the space. To some they may even feel this is home. When out of balance and harbouring stagnant or malevolent entities, it can only bring unrest and problematic situations. Those who can sense this will feel the disconnect.



What other reasons could a property/space be blocked from selling?

Here are just a few:

  • Ghosts that have not crossed over.
  • Psychic impressions are left from past occupants, employees or objects.
  • Entities that are attached to people or places.
  • The location could be on a previous burial or ancient site. 
  • There could be a portal or vortex that cause various other dimensions to come and go without being invited.
  • The surrounding area may be affecting not just the current property for sale but many around it.
  • Energy leaks or tears in the magnetic fields.
  • Sitting on a Ley line which can be beneficial unless blocked or stagnant.
  • Traumatic historical events occurred on the land or nearby.
  • Accumulated negative energies from previous occupants.
  • Mind Control.
  • Mysterious workings underground or nearby which could be deliberate
  • High chemtrail area 
  • Current owner or one or many of the occupants are not ready to leave. Emotional attachment.
  • Geopathic stress - Negative Hartman line - Harmful electrical green energy - Wall & cellular memory - underground water - EMF


The unseen or unnoticed world around us plays an enormous role in our lives. Just because you are not consciously aware of this does not mean it can not affect or impact your life. The more we become aware of the multi-dimensional world around us the more pristine and peaceful we can make our sacred space. This is your right and you have the ability and power to create this.


The removal of any current ghosts or entities is guaranteed to be removed.  

You must maintain a high state of being and awareness to keep your space pristine, so as to not open a way for anymore ghosts or anomalies.





Having your energy assessed and then cleared is an excellent way to jumpstart

your life. There are so many ways in which a human can attract negative energy.


Some of the reasons to have yourself energetically assessed and cleared:

  •  Increased Emotional pain and suffering
  •  Increased depression or anxiety
  •  New or compounding Compulsive behaviors
  •  Increased Anger and resentment
  •  Addictions of any kind
  •  Increased sense of Fear in your life
  •  A feeling of an unwanted being disturbing your life
  •  Increase in number of nightmares
  •  Increased sense of stress in your life
  •  Increased Issues with loved ones, child, and parents.
  •  A child who needs help with any dysfunction causing them stress.


To have a healthy and joyful life not only should our spaces be refined and highly optimally functioning, so should our bodies and being. Our spaces are also a manifestation of us, therefore our well being contributes to the overall harmony within and all around us. We offer various tools & modalities of healing and clearing.

Please contact us for more information.






Blessings are also done (separate service) and where one is open and receptive it will enhance and amplify current energies and frequencies. Each property and it occupants are different, so each blessing is unique. Ask for our rates.




We can clear or bless a home and space, yet the current or future occupants must make the choice to live more consciously within this physical realm. Our external world is a manifestation of our inner world, so we are the main initiators of what our homes and spaces feel like. Therefore if we live with awareness of our environment, we can sense if things change, or whether someone else brings discordant energies or you create it yourself.  






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