Our Vision


By clearing an environment, that is encumbered with stagnant or discordant energies, we are providing an extraordinarily beneficial service,

one space at a time. Our vision is to see all life thrive by

returning to its original pristine nature.


The Pristine Space team is dedicated to the upliftment and harmonious experience of living on this beautiful planet.




¨I am so thankful for Christina and Hugh at Pristine Space!
My girlfriend and I noticed a huge difference in our apartment since they cleared our space. They are well equipped to clear anything, and now knowing the difference I definitely trust them with all my current and future spaces. ¨ - Gabriel, Laguna Beach 


¨Great renters are hard to find! Thank you for helping me, Christina & Hugh!

I have a rental property that is in an ideal location. It has been very frustrating to not be able to hold onto great long term renters. At my wits end, a friend of mine told me that I should have the property´s energy evaluated. She said, it is possible that low energy anomalies could be affecting the energy of my tenants and home. I was referred to Christina from a friend and had my property assessed. I was surprised to find out about a ghost on the property! This makes so much sense now! It has been 30 days since my full clearing and blessing from Christina & Hugh of the property, and I am ecstatic to let you know I now have great long term renters in at a full rental price! ¨ ~ JB, Santa Monica


¨My Prime Orange County California Real Estate in a great sellers market was not selling! 

Our home was in a prime location on a prime lot and was not selling! Very frustrating!  Even lowering the price to attract buyers didn't work and our listing expired. Before re-listing the property again, we heard about home clearings and blessings from a co worker . We consulted with Hugh and Christina and had our property cleared and blessed. A few details in our consultation made a lot of sense. We re-listed the house and had a cash offer in less than 2 weeks and closed escrow in May!¨
Thanks Hugh and Christina! ~ 
Mike M, Yorba Linda CA.




Where you dwell or work make it a sacred environment

that cultivates your highest visionary experience of yourself.




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